Міжнародний менеджмент (International Management) - англомовне навчання



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In addition to general economic knowledge, students learn various aspects of management in the context of international business activity. A creative approach to problem solving in business is developed. Other aspects include: the company and its economic environment, managing company potential, analysis and evaluation of company performance, short-term and long-term strategic decision-making processes.
A practical approach to teaching is reflected in the practice oriented coursework: Macroeconomics illustrates basic principles combined with the experience of real life case studies, Operations Research applications are discussed in the context of a real market dilemma in the areas of finance, marketing, and operations management, Statistics course provides a balance between statistics theory and application, Forecast and Simulation are discussed in the context of application to manufacturing, retail, and service industries, Mathematical Economics places emphasis on a substantial amount of interpretation of numerical indicators in the economic context, Introductory Computer Sciences course is organized according to the see-hear-touch approach; lectures are accompanied by workshops in computer labs. Social Policy trains skills in social policy analysis through application of an analytical framework to the existing social policy programs, Business Plan is based on the extensive use of case studies covering various business areas, Negotiations provide students with the applications and special negotiating scenarios (multiple parties, coalitions and teams, cross-cultural negotiations, tacit negotiations and social dilemmas). Students are offered internships.
Graduates obtain a Master's Degree in International Management and are prepared to occupy higher managerial positions.
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