Інформатика (Information Technology) - англомовне навчання

under the patronage of Cisco Networking Academy Program

The Applied Computer Science faculty educates ICT specialists, and computer system designers and administrators at graduate level. A practical approach to teaching is reflected in practice-oriented courses. As graduate you will be familiar with advanced topics of Computer Science, among others, Computational methods, Computer Modelling and Simulation, Computer System Engineering . You will have abilities and skills to support decision making related to ICT technologies.
You can choose between two fields of study:
• Computer Networks with Cisco courses,
• Software engineering with Microsoft and Oracle courses.
As a graduate of the computer network programme you will how to design, implement maintenance modern information and communication technologies and tools for managing and utilizing global networks, among others, in business. As a graduate of software engineering programme you will be specialist of modern techniques and tools for software development and maintenance.
Benefits to You
• The study in English gives you a better chance for a career in IT and overcomes the boundaries opening global job market for you.
• The program is adjusted to the job market – software engineers and computer network specialists are most wanted on job market
• Authorized trainings:
   - CCNA and CCNA Security or CCNP are included in study plan in Computer Networks programme,
   - Microsoft and Oracle are included in study plan in Software Engineering programme.
• Access to specialized laboratories – You acquire actual skills.
• Students of this program achieve high results – see our students success stories.
• There is an ability to take Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle extra courses.
Success stories
Every year Cisco company organizes NetRider competition for Cisco Networking Academy students in which you can demonstrate your knowledge and practical skills in computer networks field. In 2012 our students participated in this competition and occupied top positions:
1 Neda Jalilvand, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow
2 Reza Manouchehri Sarhadi, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow
5 Vahid Ghafori, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow
6 Paweł Moroz, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow
These results confirm very high teaching quality and opportunities of IT study in UTIM.
Job opportunities
According to job market analysis number of job positions for software engineers and network specialists is on the top, among others, in IT. Moreover, salary of these specialists is also one of the highest in IT. For example, salary of Network Manager is £45,090 per year in UK and Software Engineer salary is £43,020 per year
Tuition Fees
More information about tuition fee can be found here


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